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Our Story and Values

Our Blowfish brand was inspired by our love of the ocean. We believe it's important to care for the sea and it's inhabitants, especially since they're not that different from us! Our brand name was inspired by the behavior of dolphins, who had been seen playing with pufferfish. Dolphin's interactions with pufferfish is leading scientists to believe dolphins may have actually discovered a way to get a "buzz" under the sea! 

At Blowfish, we believe that we all deserve to have some relaxing downtime in today's hectic world. Therefore, our goal as a company is to provide our customers with superior hemp derived products. Our products give people different ways to help enjoy their days. 

With our history in the hemp and CBD industry, we have expanded into new areas of hemp growing, harvesting, and extracting thanks to the H.R. 2 Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018. All of our products are created and produced in the United States with US and locally grown hemp.

We are thrilled to bring together some of the most knowledgeable farmers, scientists, and business people in the hemp industry. This allows us to deliever the highest quality products with excellent margin for our customers.