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Pectin vs. Gelatin: Understanding the Ingredients in  Delta 9 Gummies 

Pectin and gelatin are the two most common gelling agents used to make delta 9 gummies. If you have dietary restrictions that don’t allow you to consume animal products like pork, you may already know the differences between gummies made from pectin and gelatin.  

Don’t know about the difference between pectin and gelatin? Keep reading to find out!

What is Gelatin?
Gelatin is a protein made out of collagen, an animal byproduct. Gelatin is most commonly made from pigs and cows, meaning people with dietary restrictions may be unable to eat foods made with gelatin. 

What is Pectin?
Pectin is a naturally occurring starch in fruits and vegetables. Some common fruits for making pectin gel are apples, oranges, and lemons. When you heat a liquid (usually water) to pectin, it makes a gel similar to gelatin that helps gummies, jellies, and candies maintain their form. 

Gelatin vs. Pectin – What is Better for Delta 9 Gummies?
If you want a simple answer, pectin gummies are a more inclusive and natural product than their gelatin counterparts – and they don’t cost you more money. You may be surprised that producers making  Delta 9 Gummies in Minneapolis and other parts of Minnesota still sell gummies made with gelatin. Producers make delta 9 gummies in Minnesota with gelatin because it's cheaper and easier to mass produce. 

Gelatin is more sensitive to heat, meaning if you leave your delta 9 gummies in your car during the summer, you’ll come back to a melted THC glob. Melted globs make it harder to take a responsible dose and also hurt the product's flavor profile. Pectin is more heat resistant, meaning we can ship our delta 9 gummies to you from our warehouses in  Minnesota to Minneapolis or any other part of the country, and it won’t melt before you open the package.   

Heat resistance isn’t the only advantage pectin holds over gelatin. Gelatin has a stronger aftertaste than pectin. When you eat delta 9 gummies bound with gelatin, you taste the farm as much as the synthetic flavors of gelatin gummies. Pectin gummies have no aftertaste and are flavored with natural flavorings. Delta 9 gummies are significantly chewier and take longer to break down than pectin gummies. 

Delta 9 Gummies in Minnesota

If you’re looking for delta 9 edibles in Minnesota, Blowfish has you covered with cruelty-free, vegan, and vegetarian delta 9 gummies delivered straight to your door. We use pectin and flavors you’re familiar with, and we love coming out with seasonal flavors that match your mood. We have individual packs of crowd favorites like Watermelon and Pineapple, and we also sell assorted packs of our delta 9 gummies so you can try all of them and figure out which ones you like best! 

For more information about buying delta 9 edibles, fill out our contact form  or call us at 800-450-6295. 


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